The Kentucky Chamber Orchestra, founded in 2017 by Ben Crouch as the Kentuckiana Philharmonic Orchestra, is a musical ensemble designed to give the opportunity of a professional chamber orchestra setting to talented musicians who are unable to perform in another ensemble of an equal level for any of a number of reasons. Whether this reason be that a full-time job prevents commitment to seeking membership in a major professional orchestra (such as the Louisville Orchestra), a member is a music educator looking for a place to exercise his/her abilities as an instrumentalist, a student whose talent matches that of a professional level, or even that a member of the community for whom music is a hobby is rich in musical ability, all talented individuals who have a passion for music are welcome in the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra. Through performance of challenging repertoire, the orchestra offers an opportunity for fine musicians to come together as one and collaborate. The KCO serves as both an outlet for our members as well as a place for the people of Louisville to enjoy the fine arts.

As an organization for the appreciation of the fine arts, we welcome any musicians to participate if they are interested. Our organization values talent over age, experience, etc. We are a firm believer in the idea that musicians can achieve the level of skill requiered for the type of repertoire we perform at any age, as long as he/she possesses the talent and determination to achieve that skill. Our conductor, a 17-year-old junior in high school, has ten years of experience in his primary instrument (cello), as well as several years of experience in studying the art of conducting musical ensembles. We welcome any composers who would like an opportunity to share their music with the public to send us a message on our contact page. We applaud any individuals who have the extremely worthwhile interest in the art of composing music, and we would love to be a part of your bringing that music to the city of Louisville.